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David Becker, Attorney, Becker Nelson Center & James


  • Over 125 jury trials to verdict, over 450 Bench trials


  • Pilot, guitar player, #1 grandfather


  • Philosophy: Treat each client like the firm's only client 

David brings 35 years of legal research, client concern, and litigation skills that provide economy and efficiency to all sorts of legal matters.  David has represented thousands of plaintiffs and defendants, has served as a judge in hundreds of cases, and has handled dozens of appeals.  This breadth of experience helps David provide reliable forecasts of case cost, timing, and outcome.  David enjoys a reputation for quickly solving complex legal and business problems.  He is often asked to serve as a private judge, special master, mediator, arbitrator, or discovery referee in many different cases ranging from family law to business litigation. Except for family law and criminal matters, David's practice is broad and encompasses transactions, litigation, and settlement. 


David serves as a mentor for the firm’s attorneys.  After nearly four decades of practice, he now enjoys teaching and training other lawyers, often providing whole-case strategic planning at the outset of a litigation or transaction. David's primary objective for the firm’s clients is that each one feels that he/she is the firm’s only client; calls get returned, client updates are frequent, and costs are accurately forecasted.


David's hobbies include flying his Cessna 210 and playing the guitar, but spoiling his grandchildren is his top priority.  


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